Our poor garage door openers; they work so hard for us, and get so little appreciation! In fact, many people don’t know the first thing about their openers or how they work or even where they are! Over the years, Carrollton Garage Pros has dealt with just about every kind of opener problem imaginable; from poorly working ones, to recalled units, and everything in-between. Some opener systems work fine for years, only to break down as use and age catch up to them.

Others simply stop working altogether, leaving their users baffled, confused, and somewhat angry. Sometimes, our Carrollton, GA garage door experts are asked if there are ways to troubleshoot opener issues. There are, so read about them below – you might just save yourself some time, money, and the trouble of going through an avoidable service call!

Opener appreciation day!

Not really! There is no garage door opener appreciation day but our Carrollton, GA technicians think that there should be! It is our hard working opener systems that raise and lower our heavy garage doors every time we come and go. This action saves us time and lots of hassle as we don’t need to get out of our cars in order to manually lift and lower a garage door that can weigh several hundred pounds. No matter what kind of weather we are having, we can simply stay in the heated or air conditioned comfort of our vehicle and simply push a button for fast and simple access!

Another often forgotten benefit of having a well-working garage door opener system is the safety factor. Face it; you are vulnerable during those brief moments when you leave the security of your car in order to manually operate your home or business garage door. You could be accosted, robbed, kidnapped or even worse by someone who certainly isn’t thinking of your best interests.

Not only are you at greater risk being outside the car, but a thief can easily jump IN your car and drive off with your vehicle along with your purse, wallet, driver’s license and registration! Being IN the car doesn’t guarantee that problems won’t happen, but they are much less likely to occur if you are in the position to lock the car door, and drive away!

First of all…

If you find that your garage door opener is not working right, the first thing you should do is to “keep your cool!” Getting upset, frightened or angry does no one any good; least of all you! It’s hard to make good decisions when your mind is clouded with emotion. Just take a deep breath, steady yourself and think about this post.

Next…check your battery

Remote batteries account for a huge portion of opener failure service calls. Take a moment and check yours. The battery could be low or even leaking. Or, maybe it’s just fine but the battery terminals are loose. If they are, no power is transmitted and your remote won’t work. This problem is simple to fix and only takes a moment. Just squeeze together the two terminals so that they hold the battery in place better. Now, see if that helped.

If not, you can test your battery power by using a home tester if you have one. If not, there’s a free way to do it. Just take your remote battery to a local Carrollton, GA Home Depot, Target, Sears, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, or Best Buy store. All of these stores test batteries for free and with no obligation for you to buy anything.

Does it work now?

Does your opener work now? No? Try this. Go to the power button located on the interior garage wall. Push it and see if it works. If not, unplug the opener unit from the garage ceiling and plug something else into the outlet to test it. Just use something small enough to lift like a hair dryer or portable radio or clock. The purpose of this is to test the outlet. If you do not get any power, the electricity for the house may be off or you a fuse may have blown. Check your breaker box to see if any fuses have been tripped or blown. If you do have power, your opener motor may have burned out.

Another possible culprit

Your photo electric safety eyes could be the problem. Something as simple as a garden rake could be blocking the transmission between one sensor and the other. Sometimes, the problem is blockage and other times, the sensor itself is not aligned right. Check your safety sensors to see if they are not blocked and in fact, aligned.

Is your opener system locked?

Some garage door opener systems are able to lock (intentionally) by using a button on the wall switch. This is sometimes called the vacation lock as it is often used while the occupants are away for a few days. Since many people leave their opener remotes IN the car, this vacation lock is designed to prevent ANY opener from accessing your garage until it is unlocked again.

Someone in your household may have accidentally activated this lock and when you tried to open your garage, it did what it is supposed to do and blocked your remote.

If all else fails…

Don’t be afraid to call a local Carrollton, GA garage door repair expert. There are many to choose from in the area, and even more if you count the greater Atlanta metro region, so you have quite a choice. Feel free to call our Carrollton Garage Pros staff or, if you have a technician that you trust and have used before, give him a call if you wish.

A full-service, garage door expert will be able to run your garage door opener through a series of tests and performance checks to see where the problem lies. Most shops are reasonably priced and also offer responsive, 24-hour emergency service, too. You need your garage door opener, and you need it work on demand, too. Follow our advice, and it will!