Garage doors are generally the largest moving part in a household. There are many components that help your garage door work correctly. One of the most critical components that help your garage door operate smoothly and safely are the springs in the door. Delaying garage door spring repairs can lead to many issues - such as the door crashing to the ground unexpectedly. If this were to happen, it could lead to property damage, or injury to a pet or person. It is imperative that garage door spring issues are identified soon - and corrected accordingly.

You may be asking yourself what makes the springs such an important part of a working garage door? The springs are what actually do the heavy lifting of the door. Garage door springs operate under considerable torque. This torque can be harnessed to do heavy lifting (such as lifting your 200+ lb garage door). Garage springs are coiled and contain a large amount of force, so you want to make sure they are in working order. So what are issues you should be on the watch for? Here are a few common issues that can happen to your garage door springs:

If the spring has broken, your best course of action is to have this repaired or replaced immediately. The last thing you want is for a major accident to occur, and quality garage door repair shops generally offer 24/7 emergency assistance for just these types of situations.

Springs are manufactured to last for a certain amount of “cycles”. A cycle is how many times the door opens or closes. The average spring is made to last 10,000 cycles. Although, there are high cycle springs on the market that are manufactured to last 25,000 cycles. The average spring will last about 7 years, and some high cycle springs can last 14 - 20 years.

After this time, the spring’s usefulness will wear out, and the spring will have to be replaced. The rate of deterioration of your spring may increase if you are not caring for your door correctly. There are steps you can take to avoid premature maintenance issues occurring with your garage door. Here are some items to include in your preventative maintenance measures:

By employing the above strategies, you can have a positive impact on the longevity of your garage door and garage door springs.

If you are wondering about some things that may cause your garage door spring to fail, please find some listed below. Even though garage door springs are durable and have a considerable lifespan (7-10 years usually), they will wear down over time due to their constant use. Garage doors are usually in use multiple times per day, as such they will wear down over time.

One reason your springs may fail is due to age. As I said, there is a built in life cycle to springs. Eventually, they will get old and wear out.

Another issue that can impact your garage door springs is alignment issue(s). If you notice that your door is unbalanced or out of alignment, and continue to operate it anyways - this will put increased pressure on your garage door springs. Eventually, the springs will give out in this scenario. This is a situation where you should address the issue early so it does not cause impact elsewhere (such as to your springs). If you leave balance or alignment issues for too long, this will cause your springs to have to work harder, and function in a manner they were not designed for, leading to the springs potentially snapping.

Another factor that affects garage door springs is the weather. Extreme weather (especially cold weather) will affect your garage door springs.

Is their impact damage to your garage door? Perhaps you or someone else has driven into the garage door at some point. Instead of fixing the impact damage, you continue to use the door as normal because there doesn’t seem to be any functionality issues. However what you may not see is that the impact damage has actually lead to a bent frame. Operating your door this way will put extra pressure on your garage door springs. This additional pressure will cause your springs to wear out more quickly than usual.

A huge indicator of a garage door spring issue is the door crashing to the ground. If the door crashes to the ground, this can cause an accident, and will also cause damage to your garage door panels. This is a scenario you want to avoid at all costs. Not only does this create a dangerous situation, but the impact can also create other issues with your garage door system, or damage to your property.

Once you have identified that you are having issues with your garage door springs, the next step is to contact a qualified technician to correct the problem. It is not recommended that you handle these kinds of repairs yourself, as this can be a dangerous job that is best undertaken by a professional. When the technician comes out, they will select the best size and type of spring for your door. Once that is completed, the technician will set the right amount of torque or tension to the spring. This will ensure that the spring can bear the load of your garage door. Once the spring is installed, make sure your technician checks the alignment and balance of the door. This way if there are any issues, they can be corrected on the spot.

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